Q: What is all of this, and how does it work?
A: Mike Meth Education is an online digital art education service that offers top-quality digital illustration courses that you can take from the comfort of your own home.

Featuring live online classes via Google Hangouts, Mike Meth Education offers students the type of attention that can't be matched by other pre-recorded lecture-based online classes.
Q: I've never taken an online class before. What can I expect?
A: You can expect to have your socks rocked off!

The format of the class is very intuitive, and you'll get extensive individual attention in our live classroom. Each course offers a unique blend of lecture-based information, practical application-based assignments, and exposure to other master artists relevant to the material being covered.
Q: Do you have any prior teaching experience
A: I have been formally teaching digital art for over two years, both in person and online.

I currently teach at The Kubert School in Dover, NJ, The Visual Arts Center of New Jersey in Summit, NJ, and I work as a Demonstration Artist for Wacom.
Q: How long is each class?
A: Each class lasts 2 hours... 2 hours of AWESOME!
Q: How many students are in a class?
A: Each class contains up to nine students.
Q: How do lectures work?
A: Lectures are given live, often featuring a live demonstration, with plenty of time for questions and comments.
Q: How do critiques work?
A: Critiques are conducted live. In addition to me giving my feedback, each student is given the opportunity (and is encouraged) to give feedback during the critique.
Q: What happens if I can't attend a class?
A: Not to worry! All classes are recorded as they broadcast live. After each class, I will personally email the video link to each student in the class.
Q: Can I view the videos after the course completes?
A: After the completion of each course, you will have 2 weeks to view any of the class videos. After that, the videos will be unavailable.
Q: Can anyone view the class videos?
A: Access to the class videos are restricted to students of that class. Only students with granted YouTube access will be able to view the videos using the links I provide via email. After the 2-week grace period following each course, YouTube access will be revoked, and the links will no longer work.
Q: Why should I take any of these classes? There are plenty of tutorials and resources online.
A: You're right! There are plenty of resources online. What you won't get, however, is live interaction.

Mike Meth Education's courses are designed to meet your specific wants and needs. While my lectures and feedback are great in their own right, you will also have the opportunity to meet, interact with, and work alongside other artists like yourself. The type of support and camaraderie you get out of this format cannot be matched by reading tutorials or watching pre-recorded videos on YouTube.
Q: Will there be exams/homework?
A: There are no exams. Each lecture is accompanied by an assignment that gives students the opportunity to put what they learned to the test. Some assignments span several weeks, so there isn't always a new assignment every week.
Q: Do I need any drawing or painting experience?
A: While traditional experience is not required, it is definitely helpful. Certain classes, like "Introduction to Digital Painting" don't require any prior traditional or digital knowledge/experience, but the more advanced classes require a basic foundation in digital painting.
Q: What is "Google Hangouts?"
A: Google Hangouts is an online videochat application that allows users to chat and collaborate with up to nine other people.

You can find extensive information on Google Hangouts HERE.
Q: What do I need to run Google Hangouts?
A: You'll need a Gmail or Google+ account. Hangouts will also prompt you to download a plugin upon your first use in order to have the software work properly.
Q: Do I need a webcam?
A: You don't need a webcam, but it's certainly helpful. Even without a webcam, you'll be able to "share" your screen so I can see everything you see as you work.
Q: Do I need headphones?
A: Yes. While you don't need headphones for Google Hangouts to work, not using headphones often results in noisy echo and other audio distrations.
Q: How do I view the Google Hangout and Photoshop at the same time?
A: This sounds like a job for DUAL MONITORS!

Realistically, not everyone can accomodate a dual monitor setup. Instead, you can either scale your application windows so the Hangout takes up half your screen, and Photoshop takes up the other half.

Another option is to keep the Hangout window up and only switch to Photoshop when prompted, in order to apply a technique from the lecture.
Q: What do I need to run Google Hangouts?
A: You'll need a Gmail or Google+ account. Hangouts will also prompt you to download a plugin upon your first use in order to have the software work properly.
Q: Why Adobe Photoshop?
A: There are plenty of programs that support digital painting. Adobe Photoshop is my application of choice, as I feel it offers an intuitive and incredibly deep system for drawing and painting.
Q: What version of Photoshop do I need?
A: I strongly recommend using Photoshop CS5 or higher.
Q: Do I need a Wacom Tablet?
A: Short answer: yes. In order to experience everything digital painting has to offer, you'll need a pressure-sensitive digital pen and tablet.
Q: What is included with my tuition?
A: Tuition includes a 10-week intensive live online class, as well as access to video recordings of each class. Access to the recorded class videos is effective for 2 weeks after a class concludes.
Q: Do you give refunds?
A: My Refund Policy can be found HERE.